You’re at the gateway to your global education experience,
the PLuS Alliance Global Learning Network.

This is the cross-border, inter-disciplinary, collaborative learning of the future. The PLuS Alliance is leading higher education with its cutting-edge learning in sustainability, social justice, global health, and technology and innovation.

PLuS Alliance Global Learning Network is an innovative concept for education delivery through a variety of channels, giving you the flexibility to experience your education in world-class campuses around the world either online or in person, exchanging knowledge, meeting new lifelong friends and building networks, globally.

Our unique Online Course Exchange, enables postgraduate students enrolled in one of the 10 PLuS Alliance-enabled programmes to take articulated coursework and modules at one of the partner institutions. These PLuS Alliance programmes are fully online and therefore open to all learners, regardless of location.

Choose your global future now.


Am I eligible to enrol?

Are you currently enrolled at ASU, King’s or UNSW?


  • contact your programme coordinator to discuss enrolling in the modules available through the PLuS Alliance


  • click here to look at the list of programmes
  • decide which best suits your learning needs
  • seek enrolment at ASU, King’s or UNSW via their usual processes
  • become a PLuS Alliance Learner by enrolling in one of our PLuS programmes