"The Demon in the Machine" wins UK Physics book of the year 2019

PLuS Alliance Fellow and ASU Professor Paul Davies awarded UK Physics 2019 book of the year

PLuS Press

ASU ranked #1 as the most innovative university in America

U.S. News and World Report has named ASU as the most innovative university all five years the category has existed. The widely publicized annual rankings by the magazine, compares more than 1,500 institutions on a variety of metrics.

Sydney train; transport; commute

The 30-minute city

PLuS Alliance researchers are using big data to analyse how people commute by cycling, walking, public transport and car in their respective cities (Phoenix, London and Sydney) and how this data can inform the design of more accessible, liveable and sustainable cities in future.

Dr Byrne Interview

How global partnerships could remake the research university

Edward Byrne, president of King’s College London,  spoke with The Chronicle about how collaboration across borders could shake up the international hierarchy of great institutions.

Plus Alliance Featured Image

UNSW launches major new alliance with universities in UK, US

Read the News.com.au coverage of the PLuS Alliance launch.