PluS Alliance mentoring helps ASU student complete doctoral research

Monday, May 7, 2018

PhD graduate Lindsey Conrow from ASU is the first student to complete doctoral research through the PLuS Alliance, collaborating with a UNSW Sydney team on research around cycling in urban areas. 

Conrow was struggling to access critical data in the US needed for her analysis when her supervisor Professor Elizabeth Wentz suggested that there might be an opportunity to work with the Australian university. Conrow was then able to use GPS data held by UNSW Sydney, which she says "really pushed it to the next level." 

Later this year, the PLuS Alliance is launching a pilot programme, the PLuS International Interdisciplinary Researcher (PIIR). The programme will offer doctoral or post-doctoral candidates the opportunity to undertake a year-long course, where they will develop the skills required for global trandisciplinary work and undertake online modules and practical workshops in Pheonix, London, and Sydney.