Bachelor of Arts in Business Global Leadership

As a student studying business with a concentration in global leadership, you'll study international management and leadership and have the opportunity to select a track in Latin American studies or from other parts of the world. You'll take a range of courses including Global Justice, Comparative Politics, Principles of International Business, and Global Marketing Management. You'll become fluent in cultural sensitivity and awareness, adept in understanding and bridging cultural divides, and effective in leveraging diversity for business gains. You'll also explore international leadership and management, learn to lead on a global scale, and graduate with immediate relevance in the world of global business. You may also participate in an international study experience in a number of countries around the world.

Career opportunities in global leadership include domestic and international positions within global corporations at a variety of levels. As a graduate of the program, you'll be prepared for a career in politics, global supply chain management, international relations, global marketing management, economics, law, globalization, development, and more. Students with leadership degrees are particularly valuable to corporations with a global footprint, as well as humanitarian organizations working with worldwide issues.

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Sustainability Social Justice
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Business & Finance
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