Bachelor of Arts in Global Health

The global nature of this program is incorporated anthropologically - to understand disease, health and well-being in ways that incorporate a variety of cultures, places, and time along with their social, biological, historical, and ecological significance. The curriculum focuses on developing skills in teamwork, problem solving, critical thinking, and the importance of direct experience through research, study abroad, or related activities. As a global health student, you'll cultivate the ability to approach complex problems through social components by identifying issues, asking questions, and collaborating with others to create effective solutions. Graduates in global health are optimistic about the impact they can have and acquire the skill set needed to make a difference through innovative and creative methods.

Please note that as a global health student, you are required to participate in an approved experiential or practical component, which can be fulfilled by an approved global health study abroad program or an alternate arrangement for those who cannot study abroad.

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