Bachelor of Science in Family and Human Development

The Bachelor of Science in family and human development will equip you with specialized knowledge in human development from infancy through the life span as well as the formation, development, and dissolution of families. We provide you with an excellent liberal arts education that enables you to develop strong research, analytical, and critical thinking skills. Through a broad range of courses and learning opportunities, you'll develop proficiency in written communication, statistics, and research methods while honing a unique ability to communicate clearly and listen carefully.

As a student, you'll take a variety of courses on contemporary issues related to the development of individuals and families as they relate to their diverse social worlds. These courses cover such topics as life span human development, adolescence, marriage and family relationships, parenting, and the impact of ethnicity, culture, gender, and work on individual development and family interaction patterns. Our graduates routinely go on to successful careers in social services, government, and business. Others benefit from a highly dynamic and interactive learning experience and go on to pursue graduate and doctoral degrees in family and developmental sciences, counseling, social work, medicine, and law.

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