Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

The online Information Technology program focuses on web applications, developing skills to use the tools, languages and frameworks for designing and realizing complex websites. Throughout your course study, you will create a project solution every semester to help hone your team and presentation skills, as well as obtain a broad range of technical skills and gain the ability to create network architectures, configure and administer complex web-based database systems, create effective websites and design process interactive media solutions. In addition to selecting a primary focus area, (web, video games or security and administration) you'll be able to create your own secondary focus area that meets your specific career objectives.

Once you begin upper division courses, you will select six courses from one of the three available tracks: Computer and Network Systems: Security and Administration, which includes courses such as Internet Networking Protocol and Information System Security; Video Game Design and Construction, with courses in Computer Animation and Game Development; and Web Applications (Design and Construction), in which you can take classes in Web Site Design and Internet/Web Technologies, and Advanced Internet Programming.

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