Bachelor of Science in Nutrition Communication

The online bachelor of science in nutrition communication combines writing and journalism skills with an expertise in health-related topics. This program will train you to be expert reporters of health and wellness topics.

Growing public demand for health information has created a need for communicators with a thorough understanding of health and nutrition issues. As a student in the bachelor of science nutrition communication program, you will have an advantage over traditional journalists by receiving training in nutrition assessment and evidence-based nutrition practices. The nutrition communication program includes a broad range of course topics taught by expert faculty, such as nutrition, human anatomy, writing and statistics. The curriculum will also provide you with a well-rounded skillset for disseminating accurate and in-depth information.

Graduates of the nutrition communication program will find employment opportunities in a variety of areas, including print and online newspapers, magazines, and other publications, as well as private corporations and community and healthcare agencies. Positions may include writers, journalists, public relations representatives and program or product development consultants.

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