Graduate Diploma in Aviation Management

The Graduate Diploma in Aviation Management (GradDipAvMgmt) is designed for students who do not hold a University degree but have at least 1 year of relevant industry experience. It is also a pathway for those without a first degree to gain an opportunity to study the Master of Aviation Management. The program is developed with industry input and aims to provide managers and professionals with the skills and knowledge to be effective in a contemporary Aviation environment.The GradDipAvMgmt is offered entirely through distance education. The online courses are delivered through a secure learning and teaching website. Students do not need to attend any on-campus activities.The program is 48 units of credit (or 1 year full-time equivalent) and can be taken on a full-time or part-time basis. Students with appropriate education and/or professional experience may be eligible for advanced standing and may then complete the degree in less time. Students with full-time employment are recommended to undertake a part-time study load.

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