International Health Management (MIHM)

The ASU Online Master of International Health Management advances the core principles of the PLuS Alliance by developing solutions to global challenges and generating social impact in health and health care. It is an international collaborative degree program in a sector that aligns itself with global awareness and cultural competence, and provides students access to global academic networks and industry partners. Students will learn skill sets required at the leadership and management level – policy, economics, finance, safety, and development - taught by two world renowned research universities drawing from areas of faculty expertise. All students will complete core coursework in health care management and finance and comparative health systems, then select a four-course track focusing on health informatics, quality improvement in health care, health economics, or hospital management. Students then choose four electives, available from both universities, to further strengthen skill sets in desired areas. Finally, students complete a portfolio at the end of the degree program to demonstrate mastery of concepts.


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