Master of Infectious Diseases Intelligence

The Master of Infectious Diseases Intelligence (MIDI) is essential for a  career in health emergencies, outbreaks, infectious diseases risk assessment and emergency response related to infectious diseases and other threats. The MIDI provides students with advanced disciplinary knowledge and skills in infectious diseases revention and control in a range of settings including in emergencies, as well as risk assessment, surveillance and related roles in government, community and health service settings in Australia and internationally. The program fosters sophisticated understanding and application across a complex body of multidisciplinary knowledge including infectious diseases intelligence, outbreak investigation, immunisation and tropical disease control. Graduates are equipped with the specialised skills needed for professional practice in control of infectious diseases and emergencies across a range of contexts including ministries and departments of health, government organisations, non-government and voluntary organisations, and primary care and community healthcare services in both public and privatesectors. The program fosters judgment-ready practitioners who can contribute to improving population health outcomes specific to infectious diseases in diverse settings.

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