Master of Public Health - Public Security

The Master of Public Health with an emphasis in Public Security (MPHPS) equips public health graduates with unique skills in emerging public health risks, disasters, terrorism, bioterrorism, disease intelligence, and in public health preparedness, response and control. This course is for professionals involved in any aspect of public security preparedness and response, who wish to be intellectually challenged to think outside the square, and to gain new critical skills which can be applied in their professional practice. Ongoing global political instability and conflict perpetuates the risk of terrorism, bioterrorism and other chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear risks. In addition, natural disasters and forced displacement of people pose additional public health challenges which require an understanding of health aspects of emergency response and disaster recovery. This degree presents a range of subjects to equip graduates with advanced public health skills as well as skills in health aspects of disasters and terrorism. Public health practitioners, clinicians, emergency services, police and the military need to be aware of these risks and have the public health knowledge and skills to understand and respond effectively to them.

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