Global impact to address the world's challenges

Making a global impact one project at a time

Led by PLuS Alliance fellows and researchers, these collaborative, seed-funded research projects focus on creating a sustainable future for everyone.

Developing technology readiness pathways toward creating high performance recombinant spider silks
The effects of climate change and water related environmental degradation on mental health in First Nations people
Nanoscale optical structures for high efficiency photovoltaic solar power conversion
Solar cell research
Understanding the changing relationships of Indigenous peoples with their natural environments: a cross-cultural study
Indigenous cross-cultural study
The United Nations sustainable development goals: a knowledge-to-action framework for implementation and evaluation
Sustainability planning
Sustainable solution for invasive species in rural Nepal
Invasive species research
Red-listing the world’s ecosystems: leading the globe
Conservation research
Planning smart, healthy, accessible cities
Urbanization research
Humanities for the Anthropocene: developing new approaches to knowledge, engagement and impact
Humanities research
Global river basin connections (GRBC) )
River impact research