Innovative Learning Offerings for Public Health & Security

The Public Health Security programmes offered through the PLuS Alliance
Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Public Health Security programmes offered through the PLuS Alliance present an innovative new approach to critically evaluating risks and responses to emergencies and biosecurity threats to human health in the modern age. Three programmes are available from PLuS Alliance partners UNSW Sydney and Arizona State University: Master of Public Health – Public Security Stream (UNSW) Master of Infectious Diseases Intelligence (UNSW) Master of Emergency Management and Homeland Security – Biosecurity Concentration (ASU) Learn about this novel new programme cluster by watching the video below:

The programmes have been designed to cater for those interested in disasters, emergency response, public health and biosecurity. Each programme allows students to take courses from both UNSW and ASU. This creates a unique, global experience for students to interact across international lines with peers from both universities in the virtual classroom.

The programmes include interactive case studies, webinars and other tools to teach topics such as risk analysis; risk mitigation; prevention and response; rapid intelligence and analysis methods; legal and regulatory issues; governance and other aspects of response. Expert international speakers and educators in the programmes come from a range of agencies including law enforcement, defence and public health agencies worldwide, and provide unique cross-sectoral insights into public health emergency response.

Choosing a programme

Each degree within the Public Health Security programmes cluster prepares student for a different career in global emergency mitigation.

The Master of Emergency Management and Homeland Security (Biosecurity concentration) has the majority of content in emergency management and security, with a biosecurity focus. The MPH-PS has a broad focus on public health and disasters, whereas the MIDI is focused on advanced skills in infectious diseases and biosecurity. In these latter two programmes the majority of the content is health related, with a focus on disaster and emergency management. The provider universities cater for all needs and include pre-course modules for non-health participants to prepare students with the required background in infectious diseases, public health and epidemiology and more.

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