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TEDI-London welcomes its first student cohort - #Classof2024

TEDI-London welcomes its first student cohort - #Classof2024

An exciting, diverse and project driven engineering enterprise on the education map
Thursday, September 16, 2021


On Monday 13th September TEDI-London, co-founded by King’s College London, Arizona State University and UNSW Sydney opened its doors to its first student cohort.  For the last two and a half years, the TEDI-London team has been expanding to accommodate a variety of academic and professional roles needed to run one of the UK’s most dynamic engineering degree offerings.

Professor Sir Macolm Grant - Chair of the PLuS Alliance says,

"TEDI-London, the Alliance’s joint flagship engineering education enterprise, is now offering innovative and engaging ways of learning for future engineers.  What lies behind it is a unique global university alliance between Arizona State University, King’s College London and UNSW Sydney. It brings to London the exceptional depth and  innovation in engineering of the two largest engineering universities in the US and Australia, and their significant investment in founding TEDI-London.  Leadership from Professor Judy Raper and the TEDI-London team, particularly over the last 18 months, that has carried through their vision.  Collaboration has been and will be at the heart of TEDI-London: with industry, government, students and communities."   

Professor Judy Raper, TEDI-London Dean and CEO in welcoming the students says,  

“I can assure you that time will fly and before you know it you will be taking the next steps in your career as an engineer. So, I write this open letter to you, and all those commencing degree study this week and in the coming weeks, to encourage you to make the most of it, learn, make connections, try new things and absorb all you can, because 2024 will be here before you know it.

We chose you because you are all talented, creative and committed, but in so many different ways. From now on, you will be the driving force behind bringing TEDI-London to life. Our academics are here to coach, mentor and learn with you. Our professional staff are here to support and guide you, and you in return will support and guide us back…. by being an active member of the TEDI-London community.

Help us be the best we can by being involved in shaping our future – get involved in feedback sessions, tell us what we are doing right, and importantly what we can do better. Collaboration is such a key value to life at TEDI-London and we encourage you to be mindful of this – engage with your peers, your tutors, mentors, and industry experts you work with – the best ideas come from working with others.

Don’t be afraid to fail. We have been inspired to think differently by the world around us and by our great founders and have been courageous to make decisions and take actions when sometimes we didn’t know if they were the right ones. We are proud to be innovative and to be pushing boundaries – and we know this is why many of you chose us, because you are pioneers and see the great possibilities within our vision. However, innovation comes with risk, and at times we will fail, as will you, and it will be OK. All we ask is that we learn through mistakes together to come up with better solutions, greater innovation, and push boundaries further than we hoped.

We have spent the last two and half years working up to this moment – welcoming our first students onto our amazing new campus – and we are thrilled you are here. We have enjoyed the journey and we hope we have built an organisation you will love, somewhere you will thrive and something you want to contribute to.

TEDI-London is yours now – yours and all the students that will come after you.

Class of 2024 welcome, the future is yours.”

The holistic approach to innovation instilled in TEDI-London’s DNA includes the pioneering modular campus building designed by Hawkins Brown. Each module uses lightweight steel frame boxes clad with insulation and requires no deep piles or concrete. At the end of its life, the building can be reused on-site, relocated in its entirety, or stripped and the materials recycled, contributing to the circular economy.

Roger Madelin, Joint Head of Canada Water Development at British Land, says: “Modular construction techniques are fairly well established in the residential sector but for commercial purposes this method of construction is still relatively rare. In the current environment where some businesses are working through their space requirements, this type of modular solution provides a fantastic opportunity for customers to take space quickly, cheaply and sustainably, and allows them to grow with us into more permanent space in the future.”

Judy Raper, says: “We’re delighted to be setting up home in one of London’s most exciting and upcoming areas. British Land’s vision for Canada Water is a fantastic opportunity for TEDI-London and our staff and students to be part of a progressive, green, sustainable new urban space. Our students will be able to work on projects connected to, and for the benefit of, their local community, something which was a highly attractive proposition for us when choosing the location for our campus.”

TEDI-London has been set up with the aim of transforming engineering higher education, including diversifying the range of people studying and entering the profession. The programme offers a Bachelor or integrated Master of Global Design Engineering. Students will cover a broad range of engineering topics – civil, mechanical, electrical, electronic, environmental – to equip them with the skills they will need for successful careers in engineering. Scholarships are offered for eligible Southwark residents and there will be a bursary scheme to support students from lower income households. TEDI-London will also run a programme of local outreach opportunities.