The PLuS Alliance seeks evidence-based solutions for a sustainable future.

The Alliance aims to develop sustainable solutions to society’s global challenges and has identified the following four key themes in which its expertise and focus will be utilized through learning and research:

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Sustainability research balances the need to innovate and progress as a global society while respecting the limits of the world's natural resources.

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Global Health

Global Health research addresses persistent and emerging health issues for individuals and their communities.

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Social Justice

Social Justice research defines and reduces societal roadblocks in pursuit of a peaceful and prosperous coexistence.

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Technology and Innovation

Technology & Innovation research expands technological and scientific breakthroughs for the wellbeing of the global society. 

"The PLuS Alliance provides an unprecedented opportunity for a truly global security alliance; the Global Security PLuS network. Global security is crucial during times of international political instability and conflict. The Alliance institutions contribute expertise, and cutting-edge research along with an ability to build education and training capacity. Our collective efforts within the PLuS Alliance are well placed to utilise the opportunities offered by the Internet and technology in general to tackle the increased risk of war, terrorism, cyberattacks, and bioterrorism, and make the world more secure and technologically advanced. "
Professor Luca Viganò
King's | Technology and Innovation
"Collaborating with PLuS Alliance colleagues to develop a social justice statement has been intellectually exciting and rewarding. It has sharpened our value positions both in our respective universities, as well as for our work across the Alliance. Discussing with and learning from colleagues working on equity, diversity and inclusion in each of our institutions is also proving most productive and stimulating as I see how, together, we can improve staff and student equity."
Professor Eileen Baldry
UNSW | Social Justice
"Working with Fellows from UNSW Sydney and King’s College through the Alliance expands the scope and global impact of my scholarship. With support from the Alliance, we are leveraging and extending sustainability research capabilities from three globally-focused institutions. Our goal is to inform culturally-appropriate, equitable, evidence-based solutions to global water sustainability challenges. Through the Alliance and its partnerships, we are developing transformative educational experiences for students from around the world to learn about sustainable river basin management through immersive field experiences."
Professor Dave White
ASU | Sustainability