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Discover more about your Bachelor of International Public Health classes, academic calender, and learning platforms here.

ASU Student Hub

For the academic calendar and details about using blackboard, as well as your finances and grades, please visit .

Student and Technical Support

Student Support:

As an ASU Online Student, you have a dedicated Success Coach throughout the course of your degree program who will help you manage your study schedule, provide career guidance, and offer overall support to ensure you are successful in your programme.

Technical Support:

ASU Help Desk (24/7): Phone: 1-855-278-5080
or Live Chat:

Academic Support:

For assistance navigating your course map, enrolling in classes, or planning graduation timelines, please connect with your academic advisor at or schedule a phone appointment by calling 844-857-3348 (toll free).

Learning Platforms

In the BIPH programme, you will take courses on three different learning platforms, Canvas (ASU)Blackboard (ASU) and Moodle (UNSW Sydney). Please take time to familiarize yourself with these learning platforms.

Academic Calendar

Because ASU and UNSW follow different academic calendars, you may be enrolled simultaneously in courses spanning different sessions. Here is a visual depiction of how ASU and UNSW academic calendars and overlap.

Grade and Credit Conversion

Here is how ASU and UNSW academic grades and credits work. Further information about grades at each institution may be found in the document above.

Grade coversion scale
UNSW Numeric GradeUNSW DefinitionASU Letter Grade
85-100HD- High DistinctionA
75-84DN- DistinctionA
65-74CR- CreditB
50-64PS- PassC
0-49FL- FailE